Club Penguin Meet The Mascots

Ever been onto a Club Penguin server where you’ve seen/heard Penguins shout out “Rockhopper, Rockhopper” , ” Gary”, “Cadence” “Penguin Band” “Rookie” Or any others..? Well these penguins are called “MASCOTS” and come to Club Penguin a few times a year. On this page, you’ll get a little bit of detail about EACH mascot.


If there’s a problem to be solved Gary is the penguin to fix it. He loves science and loves to work in his lab ALL day. He’s a test person who makes us penguins inventions. He puts coffee inside his left flipper which keeps him awake at night to work. This penguin is friendly and the most intelligent penguin of them alL…


Aunt artic loves to read and loves to write. She’s a very helpful penguin and helps new Penguins. She’s popular for writing the time’s issue newspapers which’s released every thursday or friday. When not reading she loves puffles and can sit down next to a puffle for 24 hours and still be happy.

DJ Cadence

DJ Cadence is a “Well Known” Club Penguin mascot for break dancing and inventing the game “Dance Contest” Her hobbies are dancing, going out with friends, Joking and spending time with her puffles. She’s the second Club Penguin Mascot that’s a girl.

Captain Rockhopper
Rockhopper is the most well-known Club Penguin mascot for sailing the seas of the virtual worlds… He’s an adventurer who visits Club Penguin every three months. He loves water, swimming and Chatting with friends.

I really hope this helped. Leave a comment on what your thoughts are and who’s your favourite mascot?


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